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Sister Nelson's Family History Challenge

Discovery Activities

Family History Basics

Fun & Games

Family Tree Advancing

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GC Temple & Family History Experiment 


Discovery Activities

For FHE: About Me (11 Topics)
For FHE: My Family (16 Topics)
Tips for Parents
Record My Story
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Gathering Activities

Gathering Activities

Journal Ideas to Help You Record Your Story
Simple Tips for Writing Life Sketches
#52 Stories for Families weekly questions
#52 Stories Weekly Questions
18 Writing Tips
My Family Booklet
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Fun & Games

Family History Wheel of Fortune
Family History Geneopardy
Ancestor Games & Puzzles
Record Quest
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Family Tree Basics

Learning to Hear the Spirit through Family History
Listening to the Spirit to Find a Starting Place
How to Find Ancestors in Need of Temple Work
10 Helpful Things to know Before Using Family
FamilySearch Registration and Settings
Create Familysearch Account for Youth 8-12
Create Familysearch Account for Youth 8-12
How to Start a Family Tree
Getting Started with FS Shared Tree
Navigating in Family Tree
Understanding Tree Views
Editing Facts & Relationships in Familysearch
Sources on a Person Page
Family Tree Hinting
Basics of the Familysearch Galley
Using the Family Tree Mobile App
Family History on the Go - Mobile app
How to Use FamilySearch Person IDs
How to Connect to a Family Members Tree
Find Your Relative on the Shared FamilySearch Family Tree
Contacting Users
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Family Tree Advancing

Family Tree or Mobile?
Searching for Ancestors
Descendancy Research
Timeline Grid -Track, Organize and Use your Research
Checking Names for Temple Work in FamilySearch
Reserving Temple Ordinances in FamilySearch
Adding FamilySearch Historical Record as Sources
Building a Complete Picture with Multiple Records
Adding Sources to Familysearch
Adding Memories in FamilySearch Tree
Gallery Features for Power Users - Multiple Memories
Familysearch Memories Updates
Facebook for Family History
Record Search Tips: Find Your Family
Collaborating in Family Tree
Case Study: Double Trouble
Mysteries of the Change Log Revealed
Fixing Sticky, Tricky Problems
Merging Duplicates in FamilySearch Tree
The Research Wiki—Your Best Friend for Family History
Research Wiki FamilySearch
Using Tree Sweeper
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FamilySearch & Partners

Indexing on FamilySearch
Getting Started with Web Indexing - Webinar
Indexing in Groups
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Ancestry Membership
Free Partner Access Ancestry, Findmypast, MyHeritage & more
Your Free Ancestry Church Account
Your Free MyHeritage Church Account
Make the Most of Your Free Find My Past Church Account
Getting Started on Ancestry
Getting Started with Web Indexing - Webinar
Share information between my Ancestry Tree and my FamilySearch Tree
Making the Most of Ancestry
Making the Most of My Heritage
Family Tree - Getting Started
Making the Most of Findmypast. Com
Beta version of FamilySearch to Teach a Class
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